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Interface ICreationOptionsConfig

Defines how a new instance of a workspace type will be created.


  • ICreationOptionsConfig



additionalApps: string[]

An array of names of additional apps in the app catalog that should be installed on the new site collection


baseTemplate: string

The SharePoint site template and id that will be used. e.g. "STS#3", "GROUP#0", "SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0"

Optional hideGroupFromAddressLists

hideGroupFromAddressLists: boolean

Specifies if the group should be hidden from address lists. Only works with baseTemplate value "GROUP#0".


lcid: number

The Locale ID of the new SharePoint site collection see: Locale ID

Optional managedPath

managedPath: string

(SharePoint 2019 only): Specifies if this workspace type is to be provisioned under a certain managed path


reloadOnUpdate: boolean

Specifies of the UI should reload the page after updating metadata in the UI.

Optional teamsTemplate

teamsTemplate: string

Defines the template name of a Team that should be provisioned. Does not create a team, if no template name is provided. Only works with baseTemplate value "GROUP#0".

More information on Teams Templates

Optional urlGeneration

urlGeneration: IUrlGenerationOption

Defines how the url of new instance of a workspace type is generated.

Optional useExistingList

useExistingList: boolean

Defines if a potentially already existing Site Metadata list storing the Metadata of the workspace should be used instead of being recreated.

When set to true and the Site Metadata list already exists on the target site collection, then:

  • The Site Metadata list will not be created.
  • Other list configurations will not be applied by MatchPoint Workspaces, such as:
    • Breaking the role inheritance
    • Adjusting role definition bindings
    • Enabling versioning
    • Adjusting the default view to hide the workspace item
    • Adding the MatchPointWorkspaces ContentType and setting this as the default ContentType